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Dental Sedation

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Helping you feel more comfortable

Dental sedation is a way of making you feel more at ease when undergoing any treatment. 

Who is dental sedation for?

Dental anxiety is a common challenge for lots of patients and sedation helps them relax and allows them to regularly attend for treatment in order to look after their teeth.

Another common challenge for patients is a strong gag reflex. This can make visits to the dentist very difficult and in some cases, uncomfortable. Dental sedation can help to reduce or even fully diminish this response, allowing for a pleasant and more productive visit 

Dental sedation can help all types of people feel more comfortable about their visit to the dentist - If you feel this could help you, please enquire in practice for more details

What type of sedation do we offer?

At Otley Dental Centre, we offer what we consider to be the most effective type of sedation - Intravenous (IV) Sedation.

IV sedation does not put you to sleep. It allows you to be fully responsive to the dentist whilst putting you into a deep state of relaxation in order to support you as the patient through your treatment.

All of our sedation is administered by a fully qualified and experienced clinician along with their team who are there every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable and well looked after

How does it work?

Pre Appointment Assessment

Pre assessment and advice with our qualified and friendly team to prepare you for your visit and answer any questions you may have

Care during your Treatment

Our team are with you every step of the way. We will monitor your vitals throughout your treatment to make sure you remain comfortable and relaxed

After Care


Once your treatment is all completed, we will make you comfortable in our practice until the immediate effects of the sedation wear off and it's safe for you to go home.

We do recommend that you do not drive for 24 hours after, so it is important to make sure you can get home safely

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